Guide To Living Off The Grid

Greenhouse inside an Earthship

The view from the widow of an Earthship. Windows are specifically engineered to allow heat into the building creating a perfect greenhouse effect next to the windows to grow some lovely plants and veg

We are are trying to build a centre of resources for everything and anything related to living off the Grid . Be it whether you want to know where to find courses to build your own house or anything else permaculture or self sustainability related, we want to know. Our resources are only restricted to the internet and who we know, so we need your help! Maybe you are doing permaculture related courses or teaching them yourself? Let us know and well post it here for you. The more stuff that we can find together the better this can be as a resource to anyone interested.
Please send us your stuff, video’s, links or anything that you would like us to post on here under the title ‘On The Road and Off The Grid’ or come and visit our facebook page!

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