Our stories on the road

People are allured by Bristols immense energy and welcoming atmosphere to people from all over the world, from different backgrounds and cultures. Bristol has always been extremely multicultural and has celebrated this beautiful aspect of its character every year through events such as St Pauls carnival that attracts over 70′ 000 visitors a year.
Taking this into account it is no wonder that anyone, including travellers, want to be part of the Bristol community. In response to travellers especially, Bristol City Council have been accommodating travellers and attempting to provide them with the necessary amenities to live here for many years. A few permanent sites have been established or are trying to be established. Whether they are appropriate and wanted may be another issue.Nonetheless, their place on Bristols roads is clear and so too with it they have brought their own colour and character to Bristol in the same way that squatting communities had also done in the past.
Come and share stories with people who have lived or are living on the road in Bristol.

Here you can find a collection of interviews with people living On The Road who have either lived in Bristol for all of their lives alternatively, or have found that the road has brought them to Bristol. Some of the interviews featured here are people that can also be found talking about their experiences in the ‘On The Road in Bristol’ Documentary on this website. Feel free to have a look.

Here are a few link links to websites you might fancy having a look at too



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